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What more than coffee can bring the true feel of Italy, Coffee is a beverage integrated into the Italian lifestyle that people who live in Italy consume coffee several times a day. At Kardmum we wanted to make you feel the need of trying the food multiple times. 

Image by serjan midili

Pizza brings life to Italy, from it's oven fresh crust to its delicious toppings, nothing tops your appetite more than a delicious Pizza. At Kardmum, we provide you Wood oven baked Pizza to make you experience the traditional Italian Flavours.


The backwaters of Kerala and the Boat races during Onam has an immense similarity to that of the venetian feel of Italy and like Kerala is often referred to as gods own country similarly 

Kardmum Junction is trying to bring the divine in the fusion of cusine.


Kathakali is a classical dance form from Kerala which expresses dance with emotions, similarly to Kardmum which expresses taste with a zing of Culture


Cardamom is an Indian Spice which adds the aroma and essence to South Indian Cusine and is the base for Kardmum Junction's Idea


It is believed that the bells are hung in a temple to wake up the Gods when rung and fulfill the desires of its devotees.

Kardmum brings you the Bells of Flavour to fulfill the desires of your Taste buds. 


San Valentino 2024

San Valentino 2024

Per San Valentino quest'anno festeggia l'amore al Kardmum Junction con una Cena speciale ..

+39 328 323 4904
02 215 5027

14 Febbraio 2024
dalle 19:00 - 23:00

Kardmum Junction
Via Monfalcone, 3 Milano 20132

Kardmum Valentine's Dinner (3240 x 4050 px) (1).png


"Authentic feel of South India. love the ambience , interiors are beautiful and paintings are awesome , my fav part is the roof covered with brass bells"



From South India with Love

India is the mystic land of spices and diverse culture and with it lies GODS OWN COUNTRY - Kerala. Bringing together the colours and taste of South India mixing it with the Italian Way.


Home of Renaissance and the Roman Empire Italy is steeped with art, food and culture and at the north of it lies THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD - Milan.


We can conclude that we brought together Italy and India, North and South, Alps and Vindhyaparbat and this variety and zing will be reflected in our taste and cuisine in days to come.

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