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After the reopening, we have curated a temporary and relatively shorter menu with some of the delicacies of the regular menu.

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The Kardmum Menu is the perfect balance between Taste, Elegance and Culture



Parippu Vada


A crispy, savory and perfectly shaped form of fritters made with lentils, spices and some fresh curry leaves.


Medu Vada

The indispensable doughnut of South India. Prepared with Urad Lentils and a flavoursome paste of spices, herbs and some coconut pieces.


Pazham Pori


The crusty golden-yellow covered delicacy. Prepared with ripe Plaintains (a type of banana from Kerala), dipped into a batter of flour, turmeric, sugar, a pinch of salt and then deep fried until golden brown or - perfection.



Spinach Pakora


Palak or Spinach fritters prepared with fresh spinach leaves dipped in a batter of gram flour, spices and herbs and fried until crispy and delicious.





Derived from the Sanskrit word parpaṭa, meaning a flattened disc, Papadam is the thin Indian wafer or cracker, but made from dried lentils, fried or roasted to crunchiness and crispiness.




Our Delicacies


A few sentences cannot describe our specialties and the prominence of these dishes not only in the South Indian regions, but in the lives of billions of people in the world. Yes, billions.


There is a very famous saying in the South of India which is known around the world, but is not uttered as many times as it is in South India.


“It’s easy to fill someone’s Stomach. what is not easy, is to fulfill the Mind of the person eating, that’s where the real Skill lies.”


At Kardmum Junction, you can have the experience of tasting the South Indian delicacies and fulfill your mind.




Dosa is an integral part of South Indian delicacies. It not only hits all the taste buds you have, it hits all your emotions and fulfills your mind.


Dosa is a thin and crispy pancake (like a crepe), but is made from a smooth fermented batter consisting of mainly Rice and Lentils with a dash of salt.


We prepare a variety of Dosas, each with it’s own taste and flavour.



The classic plain Dosa crispy to perfection


Masala Dosa (Chef’s Special)

The specialty of Kardmum Junction loved by everyone. It’s a classic Dosa but with a filling of Mashed potatoes mixed with delicious spices and herbs.


Ghee Roast

The classic plain Dosa but prepared with Ghee – clarified butter which makes it more delicious.


Onion Dosa

The classic plain Dosa but topped with onions and some fresh coriander leaves.




Idli is a savoury Rice Cake which is prepared with a batter of rice and lentils, steamed to a soft and fluffy texture.





Very similar to a Dosa, but not crisp and crepe-like, but thick like a classic pancake. With toppings like tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves cooked right on top of the batter, Uttappam is sometimes refered to as an Indian Pizza.




What are delicacies without delicious sides?

Every delicacy is served with


A hot lentil stew of variety of vegetables




Coconut Chutney

A dense sauce of Coconut grind together with some spices and fresh herbs.






Specials from the South


Our target here at Kardmum is to make you feel at home when you try the specials from the South, which consists of dishes which will not only remind you of South India but will also transport you to the God’s own regions of South India.



South Indian Vegetarian Curry

A dish of mixed vegetables, each to give its own texture and flavour to the dish.


South Indian Chicken Curry

A dish prepared with pieces of chicken in a delicious gravy of spices and herbs.


South Indian Fish Moilee (Chef’s Special)

A preparation of Sea bass Fish in a curated gravy of Coconut and spices.


South Indian Lamb Curry

A prepared with pieces of Lamb in a delicious gravy of spices and herbs.


Special Platters


Prawns with Curd rice

A preparation of Prawns in a curated gravy of Coconut and spices with Rice prepared with Curd


Fish Fry with Rice and Greens

A preparation of Sea bass Fish fried with a pinch of oil, with Rice and a side of green vegetables



Thaalam – The South Indian Platter


South Indian Vegetarian Thaalam

A Platter of a Vegetarian dish with Rice, Parotta, Dal, Raita, Mixed Vegetables and Spiced cherry tomatoes


South Indian Chicken Thaalam

A Platter of South Indian Chicken Curry with Rice, Parotta, Dal, Raita, Mixed Vegetables and Spiced cherry tomatoes


South Indian Meen Thaalam

A Platter of the special South Indian Fish Moilee with Rice, Parotta, Dal, Raita, Mixed Vegetables and Spiced cherry tomatoes




The Indian bread – the peoples favourite to have any dish with, is a layered flatbread made from flour. It is like a flaky, ribbon pancake which completes the dish and your zest for taste



Everything goes better with sides, and Raita is the Indian side which makes every bite of your food delicious. It is prepared with yogurt with some seasonings to enhance the flavour


Matta Rice from the South

The special Matta Rice is a variety of rice which originates from Kerala, which is famous for it’s high fibre content and health benefits


Bastmati Rice

Grown for centuries in the geographical area of the Himalayan foot hills, Basmati is a long grain aromatic rice which is unique for its extra-long slender grains that elongates at least twice of their original size and becomes soft and fluffly upon cooking.





The Kardmum Desserts

Cardamom Shrikhand

A Shrikhand is a creamy Indian sweet dish prepared with yogurt, some Cardamom and sugar, with delicious toppings to add to the flavour.


Mango Shrikhand (Chef’s Special)

Mango Shrikhand is a creamy Indian sweet dish prepared with yogurt, some fresh mango pulp and sugar, topped with some delicious fruits to add to the flavour.



A special sweet from the south, a pudding prepared with rice in boiling milk and added jaggery to enhance the sweetness in the flavour.


Panna Cotta with Coconut

The favourite Panna Cotta – literally “cooked cream” prepared with cream and sugar but with an addition of Coconut to the south Indian flavour.


Ice cream

The traditional Gelato or Ice Cream loved by everyone to end their meal with.  

Chef 's Specials

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